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Colours of Israel

Colours of Israel

50cm x 50cm (20"x20") Limited Edition Print



25cm x 25cm (10"x10") - 950NIS ($300USD) - FREE SHIPPING


TO ORDER, or for alternative size options and finishes, please be in touch!

Amongst all the horrors of what we have witnessed over the last weeks, what has amazed me and brought such warmth to my heart is the unity that we are seeing in Israel and from communities all over the world. The outpouring of love and readiness to extend a helping hand has gone far beyond anything that I could imagine. The people of Israel are profoundly blessed with an amazing mix of individuals from different backgrounds who are spread all over the world and yet are committed to coming together and loving and protecting each other in times of need, and this is Israel’s time of need

This artwork captures this sentiment I am feeling and is surrounded by the prayer for the State of Israel.

The piece is limited to an edition of 180. If you are interested in a limited edition piece 50x50cm, please be in touch for details.

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