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Let me introduce myself


As a person who never sits still, and always on the move, it came as a suprise that I really enjoyed spending more time in my house over the past two years. My mind stopped racing, there was nothing to think about and nowhere to go. It was just me, my family, and my space. 

Whilst enjoying this quiet time, I also spent a large amount of time listening to my son practice his barmitzvah portion - and something struck me.
Even though we live through the Bible's laws and teachings in our everyday lives, I had always perceived the Bible as a story of the past. But hearing my son read it so beautifully, made me realise that it's also the story of the present and of the future.

This inspired me to pick up my pencil and start drawing, and see how I could visually bring our tradition to modern day art, full of colour, energy
and life.


Even though I have been teaching art to children and teenagers since I can remember, my work as a graphic designer meant spending all my hours creating designs for my clients. I hadn't had the opportunity to draw for myself for many years. But once I had picked up my pencil, I couldn’t put it down. It was like going back to my childhood where I would spend days on end in the art room, and being completely immersed into my own thoughts and space, nothing could disturb me and hours would just fly by.

Since moving to Israel 15 years ago, my life has become one of outdoors. I walk everyday, breathing the air and taking in the sounds and colours
of the world around me. There are so many different types of landscape in Israel, from rolling hills to desert, archeological sites to botanical gardens, that inspiration can be found just outside my front door. And over the past two years, I have spent many hours in my garden, soaking in the sun, and drawing to my heart's content.  

I have always had a very strong Jewish identity and being inspired by my background in visual communication design, photography, typography, colour and composition, I aimed to embody all my passions into these pieces. Combining my drawing, graphic design and digital skills, I am creating Judaic and Israel themed artworks where the result is strikingly modern, full of life and colour.

My work aims to bring our deeply rooted history to life, connecting the past to the present, and using bold and beautiful colours and patterns to do so. I'm very excited to continue on this journey of being able to bring colour to things that mean so much to me!

Be in touch!
Michelle Levy Art
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