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About Michelle

The most striking thing about Michelle is her passion for life, positive outlook and love for colour. Michelle’s artworks are an extension of herself - bursting with fun, optimism and happiness that spills over into her art in
a vibrant splash of color.

Michelle didn’t always have time to paint. As a wife, mother of four, informal art teacher and busy graphic artist running her own design agency, Michelle used her creativity in her other areas of her life, but didn't have time to create art for herself.

All that changed when the Covid pandemic hit. Surprised to find that she rather liked the breathing space brought on by repeated lockdowns, Michelle spent many happy hours in the garden, pencil in hand planning her creations. Surrounded by trees and plants and with the sounds of her son practicing his Bar Mitzvah portion in the background, Michelle began to pour out her passion and joy onto paper.


The result is her refreshing take on life, nature and Jewish tradition captured in bright colours, bold lines and dynamic shapes. Her works perfectly express her design philosophy (clean, bold, vibrant), and Jewish pride,
and will inject energy and life to any living space.

Michelle is a British born graphic-artist-turned-fine-artist based in the central Israeli town of Raanana.


'Michelle’s artworks are an extension of herself - bursting with colour, optimism and happiness'


Some of the latest pieces

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Michelle Levy   Ra'anana, Israel   [t]+972 54 754 2579   [e]michelle@michellelevy.co.il