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'The most striking thing about Michelle is her passion for life, positive outlook and love for colour.
Michelle’s artwork is an extension of herself - bursting with fun, optimism and happiness.

Raised in a passionately creative family, Michelle was encouraged to pursue her artistic passions from an early age, continuing her creative path throughout her academic years. After gaining a first class honors degree in Visual Arts, Michelle launched a successful graphic design agency, working with a diverse range of clients for over 25 years. 

Over the past few years Michelle has enjoyed the quiet moments in her garden, and was excited to have time to draw again. She would plan beautiful creations inspired by the tranquility of nature, accompanied by her son practicing his bar mitzvah portion. These two elements were the basis for her new found passion of bringing a 3000 year old history and heritage to colour and life. 

With a very strong Jewish identity, together with her background in art and design, photography, printmaking, typography, colour and composition, Michelle puts all her love into these pieces of Judaic and Israel themed artworks. 

Michelle's aim is to bring her deeply rooted history and heritage to life, connecting the past to the present, and using bold and vibrant colours and patterns to do so.

Michelle is a British-Israeli artist living in the Israeli city of Ra'anana.


'Michelle’s artworks are an extension of herself - bursting with colour, optimism and happiness'


Some of the latest Israel themed art

Israel art
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